Skinny Bitch in Love - Kim Barnouin I'll admit it up front: I've never tried out the Skinny Bitch cookbooks. But I've never been once to resist novels with delicious cooking in them and so was very excited to read this! It was everything I wanted: fun, romantic and full of sumptuous descriptions of diving-sounding food. Clementine is a brilliant heroine: smart, determined and talented, but with enough of a vulnerability to remain likable, while she has a supporting cast full of fabulous characters, including her smart-mouthed roommate, a handsome fellow vegan chef, and the mysterious billionaire Clementine can't help but be attracted to. While of course the plot isn't exactly a roller-coaster ride, it did go in a few directions I didn't expect, and left me feeling very satisfied. A delightfully frothy, feelgood read, perfect for summer (if it ever gets here!)